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In Persian, “Yekom” means “The First”, and this was adopted as the name of the firm because it was among the first private companies that started working in the field of economic planning in Iran. Yekom was founded in October 1973 as a private joint-stock company in Tehran, Iran. Few months later, the engineering department of Yekom was established and the name of the company changed to “Yekom Consulting Engineers”.

By 1982, 15 projects had been undertaken in the fields of economy, planning, management, and water resources development. During 1978-82, to empower technical competence of the company, the founders suggested key experts to become share holders and the number of company partners increased to nine.

During 1982-1990, Yekom signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to act as technical consultant for completing certain projects. Based on this, Yekom agreed to transfer 49% of its shares to that Ministry, and became the principal consultant for land and water development schemes. Following this partnership, some large scale national projects were assigned to Yekom, which were successfully delivered.

Early 1990’s was the beginning of economic development period of the country and Yekom played a remarkable role in the study, design, and supervision of numerous national projects on dam engineering, irrigation and drainage networks, as well as processing industries.

In 1998, Yekom entered international markets by winning Homs and Hama irrigation and drainage improvement networks and Al-Ghaab reservoirs projects in Syria. This was the starting point of international activities of Yekom, which was followed by projects in several other countries including Turkmenistan, Cuba, Afghanistan, and Tanzania.

Since 2002, in addition to the continued development of the company and, consequently, increased number of projects and personnel, several new strategic steps have been taken to enhance Yekom’s engineering power including launching an IT Committee, launching Training committee, development of Internet and Intranet sites, establishment of Quality Management office and obtaining ISO 9001 to comply with the international standards and procedures. Another significant action that was taken in 2008 was complete privatization of Yekom. The released shares were mainly purchased by previous Yekom shareholders and few young managers and key experts.

During the same period, Yekom succeeded to obtain certificates of competency in a few other new fields of engineering services including roads, railways, urban development, geotechnical investigations, RS/GIS and surveying.

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